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and Louie (nephews), Grandma Duck (grandmother), Bertie Duck (aunt), Della Duck (sister. By 2005 around one out of every four Norwegians read the Norwegian edition Donald Duck. Huey, Dewey, And Louie Duck The ten year old triplet sons of Donald Duck's "long lost" sister, Hue. Ekography: EelKat's Lensography I joined Squidoo in April of 2007. Ducks question: What's the name of Donald Duck's. Donald duck middle name? fauntleroy: What is the name of Donald Duck's sister? His twin sister is named Della. For many years, Disney comics in several European countries depicted Grandma as Scrooge's sister. In the Italian story From Egg to Duck (1984) Scrooge and Grandma found Donald by. • Donald Duck • Fethry Duck • Gladstone Gander • Grandpa. Hortense McDuck (sister) Matilda McDuck (sister) Gideon McDuck (brother) Donald Duck (nephew).





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