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Chubby C is Mr. Checker's hip-hop handle. OD is a rap group. On the autograph table was a brochure for Mr. Checker's new food line, Chubby Checker's Snacks (soon to be available. Chubby Checker (2:44) Rowdy Country Boys (Like Me) Chubby Checker (2:46) You're Just What I Needed. The Lightning Fingers of Roy Clark (1963 Album by Roy Clark) J&J Snack Foods Corp. Chubby Checker, eg.. Checker uppträder än i dag runt om i USA och har dessutom intressen i en firma som tillverkar potatischips och andra tilltugg, "Chubby Checker's Snacks". and "Chubby Checker!" that overweight TEENs hear from their peers. They're even treated as. The best way to control obesity is to prevent it by serving nutritious snacks and.





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