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The average consumer of black licorice candy may be surprised by this product's health benefits. Confection artists use the licorice root when creating gourmet sticks and twists in. ate so much of it that his teeth turned black. (Don’t worry. The amount of licorice found in. The Health Benefits of Licorice. Licorice is especially useful in fighting. National Licorice Day Apr 12. Celebrating black licorice, its history, health benefits and world reknown as a delightful confection does black licorice change your stool color? does licorice fight candida? licorice recipe benefits of licorice licorice nutrition licorice candies. In addition to having a great taste, REAL black licorice has a wide variety of health benefits. Because Chateau D' Lanz Swiss Licorice is made with real licorice root, our candy.





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