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Carbs and GI Diet Advice - Carbohydrates Guide: Carbs and Fiber in Zero Candy Bar. Food Item: Zero Bar Food Quantity: 1 bar Carbs: 30g Dietary Fiber: 0g Reviewed By: TEEN Nougat. Location: Tony's Quik-Stop, Bronx, New York. OFFICIAL NAME OF SNACK: Zero Candy Bar PRICE: $.60. WEIGHT: 1.85 oz. DESCRIPTION OF SNACK: For the latest news, special offers, free stuff and access to our secret shop subscribe here:. Year Zero. Caramello is an extremely minimalist yet perfectly done candy bar. Its just milk chocolate. Candy. "It Can't Hurt To Be Too Safe" Chocolate Bar As Low As $1.32. ''ZERO Accidents'' Express Safety Kit: Always Think Safety Lapel.





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