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Medieval Music Database. London, British Library, Additional 28550 (Robertsbridge Codex) This manuscript, from the middle third of the century, contains part of a chronicle of the. Results tagged “Robertsbridge Codex” from PianoMorphosis. Anonymous - Estampie: from the Robertsbridge Codex, 1360 [Organ: Charles Matthews] 8:00 Enrico Bossi – Scherzo in G minor [Charles Matthews] 5:30. Deutsch: Konzertmitschnitt (ca. 1990) der Estampie "Retrove" aus dem Robertsbridge Codex (1. Drittel 14. Jh.) die Handschrift befindet sich im Britischen Museum, Add. 28550 Anon: Edi beo thu - estampie [Robertsbridge Codex, 14th-C] Anon: Love wolle I Dunstaple John: Basse dance Ffrankes: Quere note. Kyrie cunctipotens genitor deus (from the Faenza Codex) (7:35). Motet: Firmissime/Adesto/Alleluya (from The Robertsbridge Codex) (3:55).





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