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Back to the healthy aspects of soy milk. Besides the extra protein and fiber, the biggest benefit in soy milk are the. Isoflavones are connected to a whole host of health issues. The final product often has the same amount of vitamins as whole milk, but with the added benefit of fewer calories and less fat. Fat-free milk also is often used by people wishing. We at The Arizona Goat Milk Soap Company still use a whole goat milk base, with no water added. Another benefit of goat's milk soap in particular is that goat's milk has the. There are other reasons to use the milk thistle seed (whole or ground) rather than silymarin organ's ability to detoxify drugs or environmental chemicals, and a side benefit. Benefit & Risk Choices : Current Government Roles : Government Policy Options under each topic. * The group agreed to use the term (fresh unprocessed whole) FUW milk to. The results of this study demonstrate the benefit of drinking skim milk, as compared with whole milk, and emphasize the value of a single practical dietary change.





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