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Carol's Daughter strives to enhance your life and well being by providing the sweetest and most luxurious products. Find Carol's Daughter hair and beauty products at carries natural haircare products for natural hair, relaxed hair, curly hair, healthy and damaged hair types. Look to Carol's Daughter for all haircare tips. of quality ethnic hair care products. Carol's Daughter have alot of hair, thick.. but when wet becomes curly..and then wavy..weird? yes i know. im going to try carols daughter. Carol's Daughter is not the name of a hair stylist but rather a company with really popular natural products to help you locs look their best. Great Conditioning Hairdress This product will not work for everyone. It's not really for people with straight, fine hair. It's formulated to target mostly women of color who have. From that love Carol's Daughter was born. Inspired by nature, their unique line includes over 300 products for face, hair, and body. The concentrations in their moisturizers are.





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