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We also carry cat cremation urns, dog cremation urns, personalized pet urns, and keepsake cremation urns. Our pet cremation urns comes in differnet styles such as small cremation. Quality urns and cremation urns for display, burial or funeral. Priced for every budget. Perfect memorials and urns personalized for people, pets, dogs and cats - crafted from. Pet Urns. AKC Pet Dog Cremation Urns - best choice for a pet dog memorial. Holds up to 4.6 lb of dog cremation ashes. Top quality Dog Cremation Urn.SALE! Pet cremation urns. Cremation Urns. Our cremation urns are the finest urns available on the market. Beautiful handcrafted memorial urn for your dog. Hand hammered from a single sheet of brass, from your own dog's picture.





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